If you want to be part of our Safe Schools program, now you can do it for free,
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You must be associado to FaPaC  (Federació d'AMPAS de Catalunya) or Fapel (Federació d'Associacions de Pares i Mares d'Escoles Lliures de Catalunya) 

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We want to know and try our Intelligent Bracelets iKanguro®, our system is simple, economical and above all safe!!

Our goal is to Tranquillity , so iKanguro® Systems born as a result of the concerns about the lack of identification of a person in case of loss.
We have developed iKanguro®, with the aim of supporting education management in conducting free and extracurricular activities. 
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The municipality of "La Pobla de Montornès" use our secure bracelets!!


The publication highlights "La Pigota":

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The municipality of " La Pobla " has promoted a pioneering program in the province of Tarragona : a Polseres that destinades children from school, to the day-care and social services for people with physical or mental disabilities. Where the smallest output made ??outside the school, they take on. These bracelets are coded allowed in networked 112 , the " Autonomous Police " and the reference monitor , so in a few minutes the boy / girl will be with your monitor again. The schools will provide you encarcadas bracelets . In relation to people with disabilities will be the same system. If the person is lost and someone will contact detects the bodies of national security. The bracelets are provided by the municipality in collaboration with social services . The bracelets are made by a specialized company, IKANGURO.



FAPEL signed a collaboration agreement with Sistemas iKanguro®


The October 29 Fapel (Federació d'Associacions de Pares i Mares d'Escoles Lliures de Catalunya) signed a collaboration agreement with iKanguro® Systems, our innovative safety and identification; which runs through a smart bracelet , is designed for groups with any limitations in communication , whether children , seniors or people with disabilities. With this agreement, all associated AMPAS FAPEL have special conditions for hiring our service. Contact us for more information:

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iKanguro® security system has been developed to strengthen collective security for the exits to perform (excursions, colonies , cultural outings , etc. ) and give support enforcement . It is shown that in case of loss of a person, speeding recovery , as the security forces can access information and locate bracelet.

How does the system work? iKanguro® is responsible for the overall management of the information, you do not need computer skills or any application installed . In addition, iKanguro® also responsible for advising the group and intelligent design bracelet.   




ikanguro in the media:

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