What is it?
iKanguro® is an innovative system for identifying groups of persons via a code printed on a wristband. This code allows you to quickly access a web page with the contact details of the center or the responsible for the wristband wearer if he has been lost or disoriented, be it a minor, an elderly or a person with communication difficulties.

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Who is it for?
For activities that take place outside of the Centers and for events taking place in places with large crowds of people. iKanguro® is available in four variants to suit different groups of people, touch each one to view them:

logo-ikanguro-school-web-R.png           logo-ikanguro-fun-web-R.png

logo-ikanguro-special-web-R.png           logo-ikanguro-senior-web-R.png


icono-qr.png Collective identification with a code that allows access to a customizable web page with contact data: address, phone, website, map, etc.
icono-idiomas.png Web page available in three languages:
catalan, spanish and english.
icono-modificacions.png Sistemas iKanguro takes care of creation and updates the data in the web page.
icono-doble-lectura.png It includes, for safety, a triple method access to web page data if the QR code reading fails.
icono-intransferible.png Wristbands are untransferable, adaptable, waterproof, made in resistant material and available in various colors


How does it work?

Using this innovative system, anyone who finds an iKanguro® wristband wearer, only need to reed the code and a simple instructions to get the contact details of the center, organization or person responsible to contact them as soon as possible.

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