Frequently Asked Questions - General


iKanguro® is an innovative system for identifying groups of persons via a code printed on a wristband.

This code allows you to quickly access a web page with the contact details of the center or the responsible for the wristband wearer if he has been lost or disoriented, be it a minor, an elderly or a person with communication difficulties.

Using this innovative system, anyone who finds an iKanguro® wristband wearer, only need to follow some simple instructios to get the contact details of the center, organization or person responsible to contact them as soon as possible.

It is specially designed for children, elders and people with communication problems performing activities outside centers such as schools or nursing homes, and for places with large crowds of people as stadiums, amusement park, exhibition centers, etc.

Sistemas iKanguro has developed four different variants of the iKanguro® system to suit different types of groups of people:


For activites that take place outside childhood education centers and kindergartens


For recreation centers, campsites, amusement parks, zoos, exhibition centers, cruise ships, shopping malls, sports stadiums


For activites that take place outside special education centers and autism foundations


For activites that take place outside nursing homes and Alzheimer's foundations

This solution is very economical. Simply ask for information and we will perform personalized study and proposal. This way you will not only see an economical product, but also an excellent quality level.

The information on the web page that is accessed by reading the QR code, is fully customizable with the center contact details:

    • name
    • address
    • telephone
    • website
    • email


  • interactive map with the location of the center

Optionally, variable data can be added such as a tutor or person in charge of the group of people with their name and phone, etc.

Sistemas iKanguro is responsible for creating and updating the data to the web page, and our team will guide and will suggest the best solution for your needs.

Each center is managed in a personalized way by Sistemas iKanguro, who strives to choose the best alternative after performing an exhaustive study.

They are non-transferable wristbands, antiallergic, nonpolluting, recyclable, self-adhesive closure, adaptable, waterproof, resistant material and available in different colors.

Sistemas iKanguro has designed a triple reading system for to ensure that information can be readable in different ways, so we make sure to always have access to the contact information of the missing person.

The web page presents information in three languages :

  • catalan
  • spanish
  • english

According to the operating system of your phone or tablet, you must download and install the appropriate application. Here are some of them:


Colors currently available are:

White   Yellow   Orange   Red   Lavender   Violet   Neon
Turquoise   Light
  Blue   Green   Neon
  Silver   Gold